10 Interesting Free Games you should play on google

10 Interesting Free Games you should play on google: I think you all love to play interesting free games in your free time, but don’t want to install the game on our smartphone or in Computer because it lots of space. Don’t worry today I have solved all your problems because I will tell you 10 Interesting Free Games you should play on google. I think this trick helps you to not to bore in your free time. Read this article up to down and enjoy the trick. So Let’s start.

10 Interesting Free Games you should play on google


We all know PACMAN is the most famous game. At this time PACMAN is a favorite game many people. And I think this is a great game to play in free time. So Google decided to put this game in Google That anyone play this game live on Google search. Google add this game on 30th Anniversary of PACMAN in 2010. If you want to play PACMAN in Google just type PACMAN in the search box and after click to play, that’s all. Or you can follow the link https://www.google.com/search?q=pacman


This is a famous game in the time of windows XP. Solitaire inbuilt game on windows xp and we love to play this game. But now many of you download this game to play, no need to download you just type solitaire in Google search box and after click play. That’s simple enjoy the game.


This game is favorite of many, but if you ask me, I never play this play, but I talk to some child, they say it’s the great game. To play this game, type ZERG RUSE and game start. You need to destroy all the insect to save your result.


I love this game even play this since I am -year-old and up to now in my free time. I know you also play this game, but not in your but now Google also added this game in direct play on . To play this ATARI BREAKOUT in the search box after the result just go to image search and your game start. Enjoy the game.


If you have great knowledge of the game, then this game is for you. In this game Google asks you some question about the map. This is a great game for gaining knowledge in the map. Try now and enjoy and gain knowledge. Click on the link to play.


I know everyone like fidget spinner. Its an addicted game, but felt good to play. Now you can play this game live on Google in an interesting way not only fidget spinner you can play number wheel game as well. Try this now just type FIDGET SPINNER and you go enjoy.


Do you ever Write ASKEW in google search box if not try now. And see your scree look bend toward the Right. Its a cool trick that which you fun with your friends. Write ASKEW in the search box in your friend’s computer and tell his monitor has some problem. And see his face its fun.


Do you want to do some fun with Google search, just type Google gravity (first open Google.com) and hit Lucky. And see the magic. You can do this with your friends and shock him with this trick.


Type DO A BARREL ROLL in your search box this will rotate your screen, if you not think so just try this now. When your screen rotates it look good. Enjoy. And also share with your friends.


10 Interesting Free Games you should play on google

This is also a fun trick that you do with your friends just type https://elgoog.im/ in the link and your google screen show in reverse. Do it with your friends he scrare. Try this trick with your friends. it’s fun.

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