10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students

10 Best Android & iOS apps for students 2019

10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students: Hy, Are you a student and want to make your study smart and cool. Now in this ear, every work is going in the hand of technology. so Why not students use this technology to improve their study any save time soo today I am going to tell you 10 apps that help you in your study improve your marks. These smart apps help you to make your work fast and in a proper way and sharp your mind. Read Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students up to down to and make your decision which is for you.

Why I Suggest These Smart Apps

Nowadays student faces many problems like they do not want to study on paper. They all have smartphones in their hand make a habit to use smartphone in every work. soo why no study if they use smart app in study they enjoy there study and save time.

Best Android & iOS Smart Apps For Students

Microsoft Office

10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students
10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students

All student don’t have a personal computer and its not comfortable to use computer or laptop everywhere and anytime so this app will help you. Microsoft Office is made by Microsoft. Just like use in your pc it works as in your mobile and helps you to make presentation , excel sheet, etc in your Smartphones. Its Microsoft product so don’t worry if safe and easy to use.

Office Lens

Office Lens is another product of Microsoft. This app help to capture any things from your school or college board and save your time. Not only capture your notes from the board or any things you can edit the text in Image or save it as word, pdf or powerpoint files. You can also share these notes with your friends too. I think this app helps you a lot in your study just go and download from play store or apple store ( Free).


10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students

I like this app because StudyBlue gives free hand to the student to customize there notes and homework as like student want. Students can make there own quiz form their notes, Access study material across desktop and mobile devices, Customize your study material with image and audio and many more feature just go download its free available on both android and ISO.

Graphing Calculator

I don’t recommend any special apps for that because there are lots of apps for Graphing Calculator just search and choose according to your compatibility. Graphing Calculator helps you to solve math problem graph form and make easy to understand. Give data in app its soo you in graph form. Very helpful for graph type maths.

Pydroid 3

10 Best Android & iOS apps for students 2019
10 Best Android & iOS apps for students 2019

It you are a programming student and learn python then this app is for you. Pydroid 3 interpreter is best for programming in android. This app gives you almost feature like pc interpreter like pip package manager, examples are also available for quick learning. Go and download and see it’s all feature. I hope you like the app.


10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students

Many have a problem with maths. when you solve maths problem many time you fail after lots of try soo this app help to Just type the problem or capture the problem apps give to answer with solutions step by steps. if you don’t believe go and try yourself. This app solve problems like algebra, Trigonometry , Calculus, Statistics, roots, factor and many more try your self.

Daily Routine

10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students

I know we all make routine one in life to schedule our time but we never follow our routine (hahaha). Now a day many routine apps come in the market again I can’t tell you the name of any apps just go search yourself there are many. These smart apps notify you when every time to do the task. Now it’s not time for those boring paper routine. download now and use your time well.


Nowadays we all love to use social sites like facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc… And in student’s life, these social sites distracted them specially in exam time. soo Selfcontrol app helps you in this problem. Download this app and block your social sites for the time you study and your mobile does not give you notify of your block apps. And you study well for your exam.

The Oxford Dictionary

Update with new words make a student make good. Oxford Dictionary helps you to deal with new words in your student life. I think everyone should have this app in smartphone. Just search the words that you don’t know and app gives you full details of wors.

Puzzle Apps

10 Best Android & iOS Smart apps for students

Make your mind active by playing some puzzle games. Many puzzles is really good to play. Search accoding to your level and download. Puzzle games make active your mind and Make you to take the fast decisions in life. Soo enjoy with the study.

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